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Top 18 albums of 2010

1. Arcade Fire - Suburbs
This one is a slam dunk. Every song is fantastic IMO. Amazingly this had so much hype and totally lived up to it... If you haven't listened to the album, get it today you won't be disappointed.

2. The Black Keys - Brothers
This is the album that catapulted them to stardom. It's an easy pick since I am a huge Black Keys fan. I was worried about this one though. Dan had done a solo gig and then a rap collaboration (Blakrok). So I thought his focus may have been shifted, but I was proven wrong. This might not be my favorite album by them but it really shows how they've grown.

3. Yeasayer - Odd Blood
This one took me by surprise. What a mix of experimental rock. I feel like the coolest person when I listen to this album... Don't ask me why because I don't know.

4. The Black Angels - Phosphene Dream
A late addition to my collection. This album is so retro psychedelia, I have been waiting for this sound since I started listening to Velvet Underground and Jefferson Airplane. I admit, it's a love'em or hate'em band. And I love'em.

5. LCD Soundsystem - This is Happening
Murphy knocked it out of the park on this one. Fantastic tour to go along with this album... Sadly this is likely the last one they do... :(

6. The New Pornographers - Together
Canada's finest indie power pop group. Another spectacular effort here. Rivals Twin Cinema.

7. The Roots - How I Got Over
This one might surprise most of you. Great record here... nothing flashy, just good soul/R&B/hip hop.... The Roots are really a great group, just check them out.

8. Superchunk - Majesty Shredding
The return of Superchunk! I love the title of this album and the tracks just keep on rocking throughout. You don't get a breather, you don't get anything but rock and roll here.

9. The Dead Weather - Sea of Cowards
Speaking of rock and roll. This is so raw... Even better than Horehound. This album will infect you if you allow it to.

10. Minus The Bear - OMNI
This one caught me by surprise. Earlier albums didn't keep my attention like this one did.

11. Apples in Stereo - Travelers of Space and Time
Another solid effort by the Apples in Stereo. The birthplace of the best song of 2010 - Dance Floor. Call me what you want, I LOVE that song.

12. Mark Ronson and the Business International - Record Collection
Super producer Mark Ronson just kicks out the grooves here.

13. Girl Talk - All Day
Here's one that has the potential to get old. But I keep listening and it keeps my butt moving and head bobbing... Sounds weird I know... but this mashup is killer.

14. Ben Rector - Into the Morning
Very popular (the mix FM) sounding... I admit it... but it is a good listen.

15. Hot Chip - One Life Stand
A little lighter than the usual Hot Chip album. Great grooves and even some fun lyrics.

16. Spoon - Transference
Maturity of Spoon. Nuff said.

17. Wolf Parade - Expo 86
Easily their best effort to date... then they go on hiatus... Hate it when that happens.

18. Daft Punk - Tron Legacy Soundtrack
What? A soundtrack? Yeah, by itself it's OK. But put it to a movie (go see Tron Legacy) and it is apparent how awesome it is. Fits Tron perfectly.


Daft Punk - TRON Legacy

I cannot wait for December 17th to see this!


Ezra Furman & the Harpoons

Check out this Chicago artist... half Todd Snider and half Violent Femmes! Enjoy Take of Your Sunglasses


The Black Keys

OK... it's been a while since I've posted something from my man crush. This album really took the Black Keys into the semi-popular ranks.. Love these guys and this video is hilarious.

Here's Tighten Up..